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Our adolescents are passive and inactive and we can’t just blame screens 

We grown-ups know that eating well, sleeping well and exercising well are the three key[...]


Why are we STILL stealing childhood?

As one of Australia’s leading parenting educators I regularly travel the length and breadth of[...]


The risk of not letting our children take risks

Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids, has been fighting against laws in the US[...]


Helping badly behaved students

Recent reports have exposed the alarming impact badly behaved students have in Australian schools, both[...]


Creating risk in a risk-averse society: ABC Nightlife

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Why won’t my kids play outside?

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Why We Need to Prioritise Play

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Accidents happen and so they should!

A very good friend of mine shared a funny story one day about her young[...]


Are we about to ban childhood altogether?

As a passionate advocate for allowing children a childhood that allows them to play as[...]


Getting Kids Active

In a world where screens seem to dominate, statistics for Australian kids around activity levels are[...]


In praise of a dangerous, dirty childhood

Originally published in Parenting Ideas. I think there is something missing from the average modern[...]


What’s missing from today’s childhood?

Maggie spoke with Geoff Hutchison on ABC in Perth, in his Trials of Modern Life[...]