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Episode 6 – How to discipline your child – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Threats, bribes, shouting, and time-outs can work in the heat of the moment but when[...]


Kids’ Backchat & Rudeness

In this month’s ‘Maggie moment’, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors Maggie Dent discusses strategies[...]


Worried your child is an attention seeker? Here’s the real truth.

A guest post by Dr Vanessa Lapointe As a child psychologist, I often hear from[...]


When fathers are tough, inflexible and unloving.

Over time I have been asked many times by mums about what they can do[...]


Are your problem students bad or just struggling?

This article was originally published in Teachers Matter magazine. Here in Australia, there has[...]


The only three rules that matter: KISS parenting

There are so many parenting styles floating around in the sleep-deprived, chaotic world that is[...]


‘Time outs’, are they good or bad?

As part of one of our regular online course Q&A sessions, parenting author and educator[...]


Expectations: a help or a hindrance?

It is that time – that once every four years time where dreams are made[...]


Why being a mean, loving parent matters

Without a doubt parenting is confusing, challenging, exhausting, fabulous, delightful and amazing, and often all[...]


How to discipline kids without smacking them

Maggie spoke about alternatives to corporal punishment with 3AW’s Tom Elliott Full report.[...]


Potty Mouth Kids

Recently a mum was telling me how her 5-year-old daughter, in a casual kitchen setting,[...]


In praise of a common-sense revolution

Recently I was listening to a radio interview with a motoring expert, and a listener[...]


The Little Things are the Big Things: Building Resilience

Today’s modern world is full of so many innovations, knowledge and new ways of doing[...]