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Helping badly behaved students

Recent reports have exposed the alarming impact badly behaved students have in Australian schools, both[...]


Sanctuary from violence

As an ambassador for The Sanctuary women’s shelter opening soon, Maggie and her co-ambassadors got[...]


Healing our profound wound of human disconnectedness

The latest suicide figures from the ABS are alarming, worrying and hide a world full[...]


In praise of a common-sense revolution

Recently I was listening to a radio interview with a motoring expert, and a listener[...]


The silver lining to every natural disaster

Whether it be storms, earthquakes, bushfires or floods, life can hurl some unexpected hurdles our[...]


Bullying – Radio Interview with Mix945 on National Bullying Day

Listen to Maggie’s interview with Clairsy, Shane and Kymba on Mix945 on National Bullying Day:[...]


Dealing with Diabetes

In this article for Diabetes Matters, Maggie and her son Al talk about his diagnosis[...]


Real Kids in an Unreal World – Handout

This handout from Maggie’s popular seminar, Real Kids in an Unreal World, covers: What is resilience?[...]


Creating Our Own Life

Before I explore empowerment, I need to declare that being grateful, contented, often happy and[...]


Really Surviving Life: Real Resilience and Passion

“In humanistic psychology resilience refers to ‘an individuals ability to thrive and fulfil potential despite[...]


Building Blocks for Resilience – Free Illustrated Poster

Download file BuildingBlocks.jpg[...]


The Little Things are the Big Things: Building Resilience

Today’s modern world is full of so many innovations, knowledge and new ways of doing[...]


One Look, One Word, One Touch

When a child feels sad, alone or lost They yearn for kindness, reassurance and love[...]