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Fidgeting & Farts: Boys in isolation

I have had a number of desperate parents reaching out for advice and suggestions on[...]


Defusing your anger as a parent… the Parental Pause

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Angry Children: Part 2

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Helping badly behaved students

Recent reports have exposed the alarming impact badly behaved students have in Australian schools, both[...]


Dealing with your anger as a parent

As a parent there are going to be days when you have run out of[...]


Angry Boys

This article was first published in Kids in the City/Kids on the Coast    Sadly, despite[...]


How to discipline kids without smacking them

Maggie spoke about alternatives to corporal punishment with 3AW’s Tom Elliott Full report.[...]


Hitting, biting and other parenting challenges

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Teaching kids self-regulation

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Angry children

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Dealing with kids’ tantrums

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What’s with all the angry kids?

This article was originally published at Essential Kids. As an author and parenting educator I[...]