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Helping Children Cope in a Crisis

When flood, fire or other natural disasters hit our communities, it can take a while[...]


Happy, calm children learn best

All parents want the best for their children – we want them to grow up[...]


Really Surviving Life: Real Resilience and Passion

“In humanistic psychology resilience refers to ‘an individuals ability to thrive and fulfil potential despite[...]


The dirty secret about raising kids: It’s child’s play

I am going to let you in on a little secret about raising children. It’s[...]


Building Resilience within the EYLF

Every child deserves to have the best start possible especially in the first five years.[...]


Building Blocks for Resilience – Free Illustrated Poster

Download file BuildingBlocks.jpg[...]


Free Audio Collection

Sleepytime and Safe’n’Sound audio tracks These 2 free audio tracks may be useful to parents[...]


In defence of the humble bunny: the importance of imagination

As Easter comes speeding towards us, I invite you to be kinder to the humble[...]


The Little Things are the Big Things: Building Resilience

Today’s modern world is full of so many innovations, knowledge and new ways of doing[...]


TODAY Show: Kids and diets

Maggie talked to Karl and Lisa on TODAY about how parents should parents deal with[...]


What’s missing from today’s childhood?

Maggie spoke with Geoff Hutchison on ABC in Perth, in his Trials of Modern Life[...]


Eat More Dirt!

Maggie joined Mel James in the Guestroom, on ABC Radio in Darwin to discuss how[...]


Thrifty Christmas might be the magic pudding

A survey released by the Australian National Retailers Association this week (week ending 20/11/09) reported[...]