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Nova 937

Maggie talked about heading back to school, being a new grandma and more with Nathan,[...]


The Importance of Bare Feet

Surely one of the cutest parts of newborn babies is their feet. They are like[...]


Getting it ‘just right’ with extra-curricular activities

This article was originally published at Essential Kids in August 2015. I was asked this[...]


The school pickup war zone

Thanks to the rapid changes in technology especially smart phones, well-meaning parents are much more[...]


Sibling rivalry: one of life’s great teachers

Sibling rivalry is such a hot potato – no matter how many books we read,[...]


TEDx Youth: Exploring the big question, why am I here?

Joining TEDxYouth@Hale, Maggie addressed young people at Hale School to ask what their spark is.[...]


Parenting with the Brain in Mind

Over the past 15-20 years there has been a massive outpouring of research that explores[...]


Let’s Take it Slow: The Importance of a Go-Slow Childhood

Stress is a new challenge to children’s health and social wellbeing in our modern world.[...]


Taming the teen stress monster

For many of our teens one thing is certain: stress levels are set to rise[...]


21 Things I Wish I had Known as a New Teacher

In this article for Teachers Matter (Issue 28, 2015), Maggie wrote about what she wished[...]


What’s with all the angry kids?

This article was originally published at Essential Kids. As an author and parenting educator I[...]


Back to Basics Parenting – Offspring Magazine

Nicole Cox from Offspring Magazine has written a great piece about Maggie and her new book 9[...]


Why iPad playgrounds are a bad idea for shops and kids

This article was first published at Essential Kids. Can modern childhood get any more weird?[...]


Expectations vs Real Life

Recently I read an article on The Conversation about labels, written by postdoctoral research fellow[...]


Love bridges: Why micro-moments of connection matter

Most parents would never question that they love their children wholeheartedly – even when their little[...]


Teen drinking

Good Health magazine sought Maggie’s opinion for an article they were publishing on teens and[...]


Boys, Boys, Boys – Feature article

On the eve of the release of her new book, 9 Things: A back-to-basics guide[...]


8 ways to nurture friendships in our schools

“We’ll be friends forever, won’t we, Pooh?” asked Piglet. “Even longer,” Pooh answered. ― A.A.[...]