School Mastery: Learning & Motivation – audio bundle


A handpicked selection of short visualisations for individuals or groups to support learning, boost confidence and improve school achievement. Save $5 by buying this bundle.

Creating Success (audio)

Success comes from within and it is something that we can fine tune throughout our lives. Maggie guides us to do just that in this 10-minute audio for anyone aged 10+

I Can Read Easily (audio)

This creative visualisation will help students (aged 5-10) to build their confidence about their ability to read and allow them to feel that reading is easy.

My Best Report Ever (audio)

This creative visualisation is for students aged 6-15, to improve their school achievement by improving attitude and creating a positive internal representation of their potential.

Accepting Myself (audio)

This creative relaxation will bring you to a place where you feel comfortable with yourself, no matter who you are, no matter where you are and no matter what has happened in your life. Suits ages 6-15.