Parenting Kids Under 10 bundle


This downloadable bundle of eBooks and audio tracks offers some great tools for anyone parenting children from babies up to 10.

Building Children's Resilience

One Building Block at a Time: Essential tips for parents of children birth-12. An abridged version of Real Kids in an Unreal World.


9 Things

A back-to-basics guide to calm, common-sense, connected parenting Birth-8.


Beach Bliss (audio)

This creative visualisation is a calming relaxation, taking you away from the busy-ness and chaos of modern life, to a pristine beach. Suits ages 5-15.

Family Harmony (audio)

In our busy world, it is easy to allow the chaos of outside to seep into our homes. This audio tracks will help return a sense of calm and harmony to your family. (suitable for the whole family).

I Am a Good Friend (audio)

This creative visualisation activity (for children aged 4-10) shows how to be a good friend – how it feels and how to do it!