Calming Anxious Kids – audio bundle


With these 4 creative visualisations children aged 4-14 can find calmness, mental well-being and emotional balance. Save $5 by buying this bundle.

Calming the Angry Ant (audio)

This track is particularly useful for children aged 4-10 as a mood changer when they are experiencing anger or frustration.

Beach Bliss (audio)

This creative visualisation is a calming relaxation, taking you away from the busy-ness and chaos of modern life, to a pristine beach. Suits ages 5-15.

Soothing the Frightened Butterflies (audio)

This creative visualisation has been especially created for children aged 4-10 who are experiencing irrational feelings of anxiety and fear.

Moonlight Magic (audio)

This short, relaxing visualisation can be used with individuals or groups to create a quality, quiet and imaginative relaxation time. Suits ages 5-15.