Early Years/Primary Educator bundle


This downloadable bundle offers some great tools for anyone caring or educating children through the early years and primary school.

Building Children’s Resilience (ebook)

One Building Block at a Time: Essential tips for parents of children birth-12. An abridged version of Real Kids in an Unreal World.


9 Things (ebook)

A back-to-basics guide to calm, common-sense, connected parenting Birth-8.


Dare to Be an Exceptional Teacher (ebook)

Light the Flame and Keep it Burning.

I Am a Good Friend (audio)

This creative visualisation activity (for children aged 4-10) shows how to be a good friend – how it feels and how to do it!

Calming the Angry Ant (audio)

This track is particularly useful for children aged 4-10 as a mood changer when they are experiencing anger or frustration.

Soothing the Frightened Butterflies (audio)

This creative visualisation has been especially created for children aged 4-10 who are experiencing irrational feelings of anxiety and fear.