Early Years/Primary Educator bundle

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This downloadable bundle offers some great tools for anyone caring or educating children through the early years and primary school.

Building Children’s Resilience (ebook)

One Building Block at a Time: Essential tips for parents of children birth-12. An abridged version of Real Kids in an Unreal World.


9 Things (ebook)

A back-to-basics guide to calm, common-sense, connected parenting Birth-8.
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Dare to Be an Exceptional Teacher (ebook)

Light the Flame and Keep it Burning.

I Am a Good Friend (audio)

This creative visualisation activity (for children aged 4-10) shows how to be a good friend – how it feels and how to do it!

Calming the Angry Ant (audio)

This track is particularly useful for children aged 4-10 as a mood changer when they are experiencing anger or frustration.

Soothing the Frightened Butterflies (audio)

This creative visualisation has been especially created for children aged 4-10 who are experiencing irrational feelings of anxiety and fear.