Just For Kidz – audio bundle

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Emotion Changers & Calming Relaxations for Children 4-10.
9 tracks to help children relax, feel safe, ease anxiety, calm anger, shift boredom, cope with grief and be better friends.

Safe 'n' Sound (audio download)

Endless Journey (audio download)

This track (ideal for children under 10) has been created in response to the increasing numbers of children experiencing problems of anxiety, fear and sleeplessness.

Sleepytime (audio download)

For parents who are facing a sleepless night, and in situations where children need help to calm down at bedtime

Soothing the Frightened Butterflies (audio download)

This creative visualisation has been especially created for children aged 4-10 who are experiencing irrational feelings of anxiety and fear.

Calming the Angry Ant (audio download)

This track is particularly useful for children aged 4-10 as a mood changer when they are experiencing anger or frustration.

Misery guts fixer (audio download)

A visualisation designed to help little kids aged 4-10 who have sad days.

Boredom Buster (audio download)

Builds the imaginary world of our children and helps them shift out of states of boredom.

I Am a Good Friend (audio download)

This creative visualisation activity (for children aged 4-10) shows how to be a good friend – how it feels and how to do it!

The Magic Yellow Cloud (audio download for grief & loss)

This track is designed to support children’s emotional growth around death and loss. Maggie tells children the story of a little girl Kate whose best friend, her rabbit Snowball, dies.