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Challenging Behaviour – An online masterclass with Maggie Dent and Dr Mona Delahooke

September 20, 2022, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Using our hearts and minds to navigate ‘difficult moments’ with kids

Aggression, tantrums, meltdowns, inability to sit still, whining, screaming, hitting, throwing things, refusal, opposition … some days, living or working with children can be really tough.

Often, we expect that our children have the capacity to regulate their behaviour but often this ‘misbehaviour’ is simply stress behaviour and we’re punishing them for it. What would happen if instead of focusing on how to get rid of our kids’ difficult behaviour, we asked the question “what is this telling us about this child in this moment?”

In this very special masterclass for parents and teachers, Maggie Dent is joined by internationally renowned clinical psychologist and author Dr Mona Delahooke for a paradigm-shifting guide to understanding and responding to ‘difficult’ behaviours.

Focusing on the toddler-12 age group, Maggie and Mona will explore:

 How our body drives our brain.
 How we understand the world through our senses and the impact this has on our children.
 What to do rather than punishing emotion…especially when tantrums throw our toddlers!
 How meltdowns and tantrums protect our children and help them adapt to the world around them.
 The difference between deliberate and unintentional behaviour and how they need to be addressed differently – and how to do it.
 The three pathways of our autonomic nervous system and how they drive our responses.
 Considering trauma in the mix.
 Why safety matters so much to a child’s behaviour.
 Why we need to focus more on neurodivergent children.
 Learning how to assess where your child is at and how to co-regulate with them.
 The importance of the ‘supportive platform’.
 The changes we need to make in our schools.
… and more.

To register, visit our event page here: https://commonsenseparenting.com.au/p/behaviour/


September 20, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm






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