Conference Keynote Topics

All of Maggie’s seminar and webinar topics are available to be adapted to conference keynotes. Additionally, two extra topics are available for conference keynotes only:

Mothering Our Boys

Mothers of sons are worried about raising their boys in a world where negative images of masculinity are front and centre of our media, almost every day. Also, statistically our boys are still struggling in many ways. In this keynote address, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors Maggie Dent explores the power of mothering our precious boys in a warm, firm, fair and fun way from birth to adulthood. A mother of four sons herself, Maggie draws on research and personal experience – and over four decades work as a teacher, counsellor and now author and speaker – to help build understanding, empathy and compassion for our boys. Although aimed primarily at mums of sons, the seminar will be useful and insightful for dads and other father figures, to help build a better understanding of the importance of cooperative intimate relationships.

Exploring Children’s Anxiety

The landscape of childhood and childhood stress is changing, and anxiety is now much more prevalent for our children.
In this keynote , Maggie Dent explores what anxiety is and what we as parents and educators can do to help reduce anxiety and fear in today’s kids. Maggie has been writing about the importance of calmness and stillness in children’s lives since publishing her 2003 book Saving Our Children From Our Chaotic World. As well as helping you better understand anxiety, Maggie shares many highly practical, helpful and simple strategies to support a calmer home or classroom and, ultimately, calmer, happier kids.
Visit the Booking Maggie page for more details. These topics can also be delivered virtually in a webinar format for online conferences which are not open to the public.