My next book will be on living and working with adolescent boys and helping these teen boys to transition into good men.

When I wrote my last book Mothering Our Boys, I found some very rich information in a survey I did of 1600 men, asking them about their relationships with their mothers.

For this book I am conducting two surveys:

  1. A survey for men 30+ to reflect on their memories of being a teen

  2. A survey for adolescents 12-18 to reflect on being a teen boy in 2019

I am really relying on my wonderful community to spread the word about these surveys so please can you complete a survey if you’re eligible and share the links above far and wide with the boys and men in your lives!

Everyone who completes the survey receives a free resource from me (a Taking the High Road eBook for the teens and a 3-month free subscription to my Calm Kids, Connected Parents App for the men).

Thank you so much in advance!