About Clark

Clark Wight grew up in Baltimore, Maryland USA and now lives in Mandurah, Western Australia. He is a highly experienced educator who has taught at every year level, including being a Headmaster of a Junior School in Perth, Australia and Head of Campus at University School in Cleveland, Ohio. Clark has worked as a leadership consultant for schools and businesses, and as a conscious parenting advocate and presenter through his Our Boys and Conscious Parenting seminars. He is now living his passion as a leader of a preparatory school, Guildford Grammar, in Perth and spending his days immersed with kids and deep, slow purposeful learning.
Clark is a father of three children – one just starting the journey of adolescence and two in their 20s – who daily offer him the opportunity to reflect on his skills as a parent and teacher.  

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In his presentation, Clark will look at key developmental stages and behaviours that underpin boys’ development, as well as strategies for dealing with the expected and unexpected in your home, classroom or school.  

Clark will focus in particular on middle school years and on the bigger question of how to get and keep boys engaged in school. 

He will especially focus on issues such as: 

  • Ensuring a smooth transition to school – what helps? 
  • Tips to help the reluctant, struggling 5-year-old boy. 
  • Anger and restlessness. 
  • What happens around 10 and why? … and how to support this shift. 
  • Tricky territory such as pornography, gaming and the plethora of violent and sexualised imagery our kids are exposed to. 
  • Middle school – how to understand and support boys who disengage, coast or appear unmotivated and bored at school.