Introduction from the school:

Woodbury Boston Primary School has been doing ‘Nature Play’ right from the start. Our beautiful bush block has evolved naturally since the school was founded in 1980.

The 1.8 hectare property has trees for climbing, a waterfall and pond – with resident frogs, a wild space threaded with tracks and dotted with cubbies, a ‘bamboo forest’, a creek on the boundary, tree houses, swings attached to tree branches, a huge rope net, loose parts play, deep sand pits, and giant tree stumps from long-ago-fallen Karris – just perfect for building cubbies around.

The classes regularly go into the neighbouring bush for ‘Bushwalks’, where they are free to explore, investigate and enjoy, and into the adjacent West Cape Howe National Park. The children particularly love watching the creek change over the seasons, and there is much delight when it is running at its best during winter.

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