A few words from the centre

The commitment to providing children with natural spaces to live and learn is reflected in our outdoor learning environment and programs. We are incredibly fortunate to offer children an outdoor learning space that incorporates many natural elements that were purposely designed and built for our service. In 2018, our playgrounds were overhauled by the team at Wearthy, to incorporate sandstone boulders, bush gardens, ample garden beds and lots of natural, earthy tones, offering our children ample opportunity to engage in risky play. We are also fortunate to be bordered by a lush natural creek and the opportunity to share our environment with all the local native animals.

Our outdoor learning environments are spaces that allow inspiration and creativity, curiosity and spontaneity, and importantly, for risk and failures to be viewed as positive learning experiences. Our outdoor learning environments help our children to develop life skills and awareness they need to be confident and resilient. Children are natural learners and by providing them with opportunities to engage in risky play, we have seen significant changes in the patterns in which our children engage in play and learning. Our outdoor environments are an infinite source of provocation that we have seen to endlessly fulfil children’s innate desire for knowledge, movement, inquiry and social opportunities.

To accompany our beautifully designed onsite outdoor environments, we offer a Bush Kindy program which has been carefully planned and implemented for further outdoor learning & development opportunities for our children. Our team of educators together with our families and the local community, take groups of our children to an offsite location at least once a week, where our children build upon their own learning through using the natural resources our offsite locations offer. From climbing trees to constructing tree swings or tee-pee cubby houses, our children continually engage in play in a way that promotes learning for life long skills.

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