Introduction from the school:

Our school, The Montessori School Kingsley, is nestled on the hill in leafy Kingsley, surrounded by native bushland and overlooking Lake Goollelal. As a result, our students enjoy a natural environment, with its own ecosystem, right outside their classrooms.

Our students use the wider nature grounds of the School for their individual studies, projects and research, as well as for their individual interests such as practising music in the bush classroom, working in the garden, or reading under a tree.

In addition, our students get to enjoy our nature playground at playtime. Our school has many trees and logs, giving our students freedom to climb, jump, and move around. Our sandpile and branches foster imagination, and the students are often found building huts or houses in that area of the School. In addition, we have hens and a chicken coop that our older students care for and manage, which is an excellent way for them to connect with nature. Plus, our younger students love watching the hens.

We recently installed a manual water pump, which the children can use when doing jobs outside, such as cleaning, gardening, or ‘cooking.’ The students can also use the new feature during playtime, and it has already proven to be a crowd favourite! We have also added a bridge, which students can use to cross the stream if/when the water pump is in use.

If you would like more information about our school, please visit our website here.

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