A few words from the school:

At Southern Grove Primary School child directed play in the outdoor learning environment is a valued process for children’s learning, thinking, imagination, and the development of social skills. Play is a child’s natural learning approach and contributes to their knowledge and skill development across the cognitive, linguistic, social/emotional, creative and physical domains, while also providing a solid foundation for their future learning.

At SGPS the outdoor space is viewed as an essential teaching and learning environment which is linked to the learning that happens within the classroom. Teachers planning the outdoor learning areas create an environment that offers opportunities for discovery and challenge, with the aim of encouraging students to actively construct their own learning experiences.

Through play, children develop an understanding of their social world, as they learn to trust, form relationships, share, negotiate, take turns and resolve conflict. Play allows children to experience and to understand difference and diversity.

At SGPS all staff plan the outdoor learning environment taking into account the academic, social, emotional and physical development of the students. The outdoor learning environment is representative of the investigation areas within the Walker Learning Approach. Activities are open-ended to encourage and support purposeful play and exploration.

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