Notes from the school:

The project at RVPS was driven by staff, P&C and the school community as a whole.  We purchased through SAI Global the Standard:  “AS 4685.1:2014 Playground equipment and surfacing – General safety requirements and test methods”.  Consultation took place with Department of Finance, Building Management Works, and a final safety check was undertaken by Kidsafe WA.

The school partially funded the project together with a grant received by the P&C applied through the local shire.  In addition we received a substantial donation of materials (e.g. tyres, logs, culverts), equipment and labour through the school community and local businesses. Kidsafe estimated that we had added around $50,000 value, by utilising donations of materials and labour (in comparison to hiring a company).

Should anyone require more information they could contact the school via email: or phone 08 9726 3135.

Trevor Howitt shared some spectacular aerial footage of the opening of Ngaalang Miya at River Valley Primary School:


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