A few words from the centre 

I am a parent as well as a proud early childhood educator, who’s child attends The Prince Charles Hospital Early Education Centre in Chermside. I wanted to reach out to the community to broadcast this “no ordinary Kindy’ to share the fantastic things this service is doing for our next generation of children.

The centre is passionate about nature play from an early age. At the Prince Charles Hospital Early Education Centre, they believe children learn best outdoors in an environment that provides challenges and elements essential to well-rounded learning.
The centre has incorporated beach/ bush kindy program that provides up to 3 hours of uninterrupted play, using what nature has provided them with as well as fundamental real-life tools and resources.

Nature play is intrinsically inviting and motivating which promotes engagement in play from diverse learning opportunities, which are essential for healthy physical, social, and psychological experience, growth, and development. As part of their bush/beach kindy program, they learn all about the world around them and connect with nature whilst always acknowledging the traditional landowners – the Turrbal people. Children are given the chance to explore and learn new things while climbing, running, and inadvertently expanding upon their gross motor skills. Exploring the plants, trees, rocks, and water creating spontaneous conversation, interactions, and valuable risk-taking opportunities. The sessions are unstructured and initiated by the children, to inspire problem solving and promote self-confidence.

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