“The intention of the learning environment is to give children exposure to a range of materials, resources and experiences that give them practice in skill refinement, in language development, in creativity, and in play.” Kathy Walker 

A few words from Pod Early School… 

We know how important play is for learning. It’s such a beautiful way to support children’s wonder and curiosity. 

Our playscapes at Pod have been carefully considered and professionally designed to ensure that children of all ages are able to interact in meaningful life experiences in our beautiful natural surrounds. Teaching children to recycle, care for animals and tender to sustainable gardens is part of our belief in building environmental awareness and a strong education platform for social responsibility. 

At Pod we are passionate about giving children the best possible start in life. We believe that children learn best in a quality environment that is happy, nurturing, engaging and safe. We recognise the importance of our role in guiding and teaching children how to protect and honour our natural world for future generations. This has laid the foundations for the unique design of our Pod Early School and integrated playscapes.


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