Introduction from the school:
The Early Childhood team is very proud to launch the much anticipated Nature Playground.  This Nature Playground has been 12 months in the making with much researching and collaborating taking place, whilst negotiating roles, expectations, ideas and costs.  It is not something that can be achieved by one person alone and I would like to acknowledge the many people and the significance of their role in making the dream become a reality for the children of Lake Gwelup.

Our Nature Playground was funded through our P&C and with volunteer labour from our Champion Dads’ group. The total cost for the area was $12,000.
–Rebecca Walker – ECE Coordinator

Thank you notes from the school to:

Glenys Kitson for researching Nature Play and collecting materials in her own time to minimise our costs. Samantha Bridges for also sourcing materials.

Di  Mills for working with Glenys and showcasing their amazing catering management skills on the day, keeping the crew well fed and watered.

Margaret Pike for supporting our vision.

Danielle Circosta for supporting the ECE team with her time and awesome photographic endeavours and subsequent photo montage.  (See Miss Circosta’s photos in the attachment to this newsletter!!)

James Sheridan and the Champion Dads Project @ LGPS for their commitment, strength, persistence and tireless effort in giving up a scorching hot weekend in January to build the masterpiece.  James and the fathers were passionate about the job and I truly believe saved us at least $30,000 in labour costs to put the playground together.  What was also noticeable, was that many of the Dads didn’t even have children in the ECE but were so committed to the project and benefits for our school community.

Thanks to the following; James Sheridan, Tim Edwards, Paul Valentino, Anthony Brain, Dean Harnett, Scott Darrah, Scott Phillips, Phil Ireland, Greg Rupp, Steve Lockwood, Simon Schuler, Richard Birch, Andrew Currie, Darryl Quertier, Rob Paradise, Steve Cook, Darren Trevena, Adam Taseff and Pete Castagna.

Scott Phillips from Bobcat Works for donating his time and bobcat for the entire Saturday.  The work of that amazing machine and it’s operator ensured the massive jarrah logs could be moved not to mention the removal of sand and movement of massive amounts of woodchips, sand, gravel and stone.

Barry Kitson for his work in building the gross motor pit.

Jodi Piercey for her work in creating and building the sensory path.

Andrew Morgan for his commitment in developing and managing the project with me, from putting my ideas and plans into a clear format to gathering materials far and wide, ascertaining equipment requirements and purchasing goods.

Finally, to the Lake Gwelup P&C for ensuring that this venture came to fruition.  Without the generous grant, we would not have been able to create such a magnificent area.  The value and importance of the P&C in our school community is very evident when you gaze into the Early Childhood area.  The final results are indicative of the strong and dedicated community we have.  It is the laughter, smiles and constant engagement of the early childhood students that is testament to what community brings to life. Thank you all.

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