An introduction from Happy Hands:
We are very proud of our nature playgrounds as they were not a blank canvas for us to start with but very basic and had a large selection of plastic / man-made products within the playground. We have all worked hard in evolving the gardens into what they are today. They are a continuous project which we add to and change regularly.

The inspiration for our playgrounds come from educators, children and families as well as what our community has to offer. We are all working hard at becoming more sustainable and use a QUIP to put strategies in place. We have tried to purchase very little as new. We will always try to source the items second hand and most come from our local bulk collections, and Tamala Park Recycling Centre. We source logs from tree loppers when in our area. All my educators help collect and source the resources for our playgrounds and work as part of a team sharing the same vision.

As this centre is privately owned and is my “baby” we don’t have a budget, but we are all very proud of what we have achieved. We are passionate about creating an amazing environment without spending large amounts of money.

Contact details: Mandy Walker (Owner) – Happy Hands Early Learning Centr[email protected]

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