A few words from the City of Holdfast Bay

The upgrades to Angus Neill Reserve playspace have transformed a well utilised space with basic play equipment and amenities into a destination reserve with opportunities for open-ended play and recreation with accessibility to the broad community.  Angus Neill Reserve has become a place for families and friends for extended visits and for children to engage in a range of play and development opportunities.

The new playspace promotes intergenerational play and community pride and connectedness through the involvement of the local community in the playspace’s design. The new playspace design complementing the surrounding environment including the beach, sand dunes and signature ‘Eastern grassy hill’.

The concept for the playspace was designed to create quiet spaces for children where they feel a sense of privacy and independence, while still being visible to parents and carers. This includes creating caves and tunnels where children feel in a space of their own but there is visibility of children’s feet and top of heads. The play features are accessible to a wide range of ages, development ages and abilities.

Angus Neill Reserve was already a popular community attraction, and with the playspace upgrade it has seen an increase of community members visiting the reserve more frequently and staying for longer periods of time. The water and sand play has attracted younger children, while the shipwreck and embankment wall caters for older children. Trees have been planted with the aim of increasing natural shade over the playspace and vegetation established using native plants. Additional seating has been added to the space to cater for carers.


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