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Feisty Roosters & Quiet Lambs Webinar

December 8, 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


In this webinar – for anyone who lives or works with children, toddlers to teens – parenting author Maggie Dent explores not only her concept of the ‘rooster and lamb continuum’ but other influences that can confuse you as a parent. Maggie unpacks how better understanding our children’s temperament can guide us in our relationship with them.


You’ll know if you have a rooster child because they are strong-willed, fearless, competitive and high energy from early in life – and you may find yourself collapsed on the couch with exhaustion every night! Lamb children tend to make you look like a fabulous parent – they are typically quieter, more patient and accommodating.

Maggie believes that even though our children will be influenced by the temperament they’re born with, their sense of needing to be loved, valued and feel that they belong is exactly the same. That can be tricky when you are struggling with your child’s behaviour or worried about them but the key is always to work on the relationship, rather than behaviour.


Maggie will explore:

  • The key characteristics of roosters and lambs & how to identify where you and your child are on the continuum
  • Top tips for parenting roosters to ensure they remain confident without turning into bullies
  • Top tips for parenting lambs to ensure that they maintain their empathy and sensitivity – without getting walked over by others in life
  • Roosters and lambs as teenagers – some key things to know
  • How the concepts of introverts, extroverts, orchids and dandelions can all be helpful in better understanding and knowing how to parent/work with children and teens
  • Compassionate communication strategies for challenging behaviour
  • Creating a family solution-seeking process regardless of temperament

Tickets: $30

Date: December 8th

Time: 8pm (Sydney time)

Please book online: https://commonsenseparenting.com.au/p/roosters-lambs




December 8
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm




Team Maggie