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Maggie’s app Calm Kids, Connected Parents offers tips, inspiration and common-sense strategies for a calmer, more connected family and home.

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Find inspiration and resources for a calmer, more connected family with this app from one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors, Maggie Dent.

This is a little dose of ‘Maggie in your pocket’ … as she dispenses her special brand of common-sense advice and support for parents of children and adolescents.

Quality time is a rare commodity for many modern parents. Calm Kids, Connected Parents features a weekly reminder from Maggie of small things you can do amidst the chaos to build ‘love bridges’ or micro-moments of connection with your children and teens.

It’s full of simple ways to support you to develop a life-long habit of calmness, silence and stillness in your family.

Calm Kids, Connected Parents gives you resources on all kinds of parenting dilemmas at your fingertips — including inspirational messages, audio tracks, videos and articles to help you create a calmer, happier home.

“Warm, connected, loving relationships create happy, healthy kids and teens.”

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