Seminars For Early Years’ & Primary Educators


Back to Nature Through Play

Around the world there is a resurgence in the passion and desire to create opportunities for more play in nature for children in their daily lives. The benefits of spaces that encourage engaging, adventuresome and highly creative play are undeniable. Passionate nature play advocate and parenting educator Maggie Dent has visited dozens of amazing adventurous nature spaces in schools and communities, and what she has seen time and time again can be summed up in one word: ‘MAGIC’. In this seminar, Maggie will inspire anyone who has dreams of creating a nature play space. She explores the enormous benefits of nature play, how to build a powerful connection with nature – often at a do-able cost. Maggie shares stories and practical suggestions from those who have joined the revolution to make this vision a reality and who have also created a stronger school culture and community in the process.

9 Things: Why the Basics Matter for Early Years’ Educators

(based on Maggie’s book, 9 Things: A back-to-basics guide to calm, common-sense, connected parenting Birth–-8  for parents)
More children than ever are arriving in our schools with one or more developmental delays and this creates a “gap” that is almost impossible to overcome throughout the school journey. Maggie explores the role of healthy parenting and quality early years’ education with a back-to-basics, common-sense guide to what is essential for babies, toddlers and young children and which allows children to be able to thrive and be ready for school and life. The motif of Aunty Wilma the wallaby is Maggie’’s guide for those who care for children – she promotes being a positive parent advocate and supportive guide to enable healthy partnerships with ECE services. (NQS- Outcomes 1, 2, 3,4,5)  

Little Boys in Early Childhood, Birth-6

This is an important topic as 99% of ECECs are women and so building a greater understanding, compassion and empathy for our boys is essential if we are to help them thrive. Following the success of her bestselling Mothering our Boys book, Maggie wants to bring the latest research about  boys’ development and behaviour and address the main worries educators have about boys. Maggie will outline the keys to improving communication with boys, examining expectations and helping boys overcome common vulnerabilities. (NQS- Outcomes 1, 2, 3,4,5)

Real Kids in an Unreal World: Building Resilience and Self-Esteem in Today’’s Children

Children need many essential experiences to build the competencies that will help them manage life –— the good, the bad and the ugly. Popular Australian parenting author Maggie Dent published her bestselling book, Real Kids in an Unreal World, to outline her common-sense, practical model of 10 building blocks to resilience for children from birth to 12. She will reassure those who work with children that what they have always known to be important in the early years of a child’’s education is still important! In this presentation, Maggie will take participants through these building blocks to resilience, a model that will resonate with anyone who works with families to raise healthier, happier, stronger, kinder and more resilient children. (NQS- Outcomes 1, 2, 3,4,5)


Helping All Boys Shine in Our Schools (K-6) – NEW (also available K-12) – NEW

In this seminar for educators, Maggie presents the latest research and strategies to address the decline in boys’ achievement and to re-engage the disengaged lads we are seeing far too often. Maggie will help you appreciate the key differences in boys’ development and behaviour, and explore the additional stressors impacting today’s boys in schools. She outlines keys to improving communication, examining expectations and helping boys experience external forms of success so they can shine. Maggie will also address creative ways to help boys when they fail, and how to help boys explore vulnerability and manage big ugly feelings so they can thrive in their school years. (Kindergarten-Year 6)

10 Secrets for Successful Teaching – NEW

The most successful educators are a blend of professional knowledge and competence as well as the ability to engage, connect and communicate that knowledge to students. As the global world, educational practices and a continually changing National Curriculum in Australia continually evolve and change how are our best classroom teachers using the principles of positive education to achieve the educational outcomes that both schools and families seek? Maggie spent many years at the coal face as a secondary English teacher with a special interest in those who found the schooling journey a challenge. In this seminar she will explore some secrets she has discovered from successful educators that can help create a respectful classroom environment where positive relationships and academic rigour can co-exist. (K-6 or K-12)

Bring Back Play: How Play Builds the Whole Child

Maggie is a passionate play advocate and in this seminar she explores it like no-one else! You will learn the vital aspects of play that build crucial brain connections at the same time as building emotional, social and spiritual competence. Maggie will also demonstrate how imaginary play can help children to heal from loss and hurt. Play is serious business and allowing children to play in many different forms will enable the wellbeing of both children and their carers.

Calming Our Schools

Today’s world is full of the immediacy of a busy life and it is impacting on children. This seminar explores the what, the why and most importantly the how of calming our children. You will learn about self-regulation, how to calm hyperactive children and all about stress in children’s lives. You will discover the cognitive, social and emotional benefits of silence and stillness and how it will bring you immediate benefits in your centre and school. Maggie also explores building mindfulness in young children, which will help with their ability to interpret and interact more positively with their world.

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