Professional Learning for All Educators

10 Secrets to Successful Teaching
(or 10 Secrets to Creating a Successful Classroom Culture)

The most successful educators are a blend of professional knowledge and competence as well as having the ability to engage, connect and communicate that knowledge to students. As the global world, educational practices and a continually changing National Curriculum in Australia evolve and change, how are our best classroom teachers using the principles of positive education to achieve the educational outcomes that both schools and families seek? Maggie spent many years as a secondary English teacher with a special interest in those who found the schooling journey a challenge. In this seminar, she will explore some secrets she has discovered from successful educators that can help create a respectful classroom environment where positive relationships and academic rigour can co-exist. K-6 or 7-12.

 Dare to be Exceptional as a Teacher

This seminar explores the importance for educators in today’s busy and rapidly changing world to be better than average – indeed to step up to be exceptional.  From a strong background in the classroom and drawing on research Maggie will challenge your thinking and expectations in an entertaining and practical way. Many educators have called this – “the best PD I have ever attended.” K-6, or K-12 or 7-12.

Really Surviving Teaching:  Resilience and Wellbeing

This is a staff resilience seminar created to explore the role of stressors, developing protective factors and learning how to de-stress and relax. It explores “warning signs” and includes strategies to build your ability to cope with the unique challenges of a teaching career — long-term. This seminar is very practical and even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Calming Our Schools (K-6 or K-12)

Today’s world is full of the immediacy of a busy life and it is impacting on children. This seminar explores the what, the why and most importantly the how of calming our children. You will learn about self-regulation, how to calm hyperactive children and all about stress in children’s lives. You will discover the cognitive, social and emotional benefits of silence and stillness and how it will bring you immediate benefits in your classroom and school. Maggie also explores building mindfulness in young children and adolescents, which will help with their ability to interpret and interact more positively with their world.