Mums of sons: Share your lighter moments

I am currently writing my next book on “Mothering Sons”, and one of the key aspects I’d like to emphasise is the need for we mums to “lighten up” when it comes to our lads.

So in the interests of encouraging this, I am asking mums everywhere to share with me some of the funnier moments of parenting their boys. I’m after your brief anecdotes (i.e. funny things your lad/s have said or done) and/or your own observations on life with boys.

I’ll include some of these in my upcoming book, and others I’ll share from time to time on Facebook in the leadup to my book’s launch. ANY ANECDOTES PUBLISHED WILL BE DONE SO ANONYMOUSLY with a descriptive pseudonym you can enter in our online form and listing the age of your ‘dear’ boy/s (DB) if provided.

Everyone who contributes an anecdote or reflection will receive a free electronic copy of my book, A Dog’s Life Wisdoms.

Contribute here