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Celebrating Dads

With Father’s Day falling in September in Australia, this month Maggie talks about why Dads[...]


Being a mean, loving mum

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Coping with Christmas

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What’s with all the angry kids?

This article was originally published at Essential Kids. As an author and parenting educator I[...]


The 3 Rs to family happiness: resilience, routine & relaxation

It’s something that’s easy to forget or hold on to in our busy lives, but[...]


Expectations and the inconvenient truth of parenting

One of the chapters in my book 9 Things: A back to basics guide to calm, common-sense,[...]


Love bridges: Why micro-moments of connection matter

Most parents would never question that they love their children wholeheartedly – even when their little[...]


Communication for family harmony

Every human being sees the world through their own unique lens, which is based on[...]


Buying gifts for children

This article was originally published at  Thrifty Christmas Might be the Magic Pudding When[...]


Free Audio Collection

Sleepytime and Safe’n’Sound audio tracks These 2 free audio tracks may be useful to parents[...]


Fearsome fours

Maggie joins TODAY hosts Karl and Georgie in the studio to talk about strategies for[...]


Thrifty Christmas might be the magic pudding

A survey released by the Australian National Retailers Association this week (week ending 20/11/09) reported[...]